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Saturday Afternoons with Blues Legend, Sam Chatmon

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There are several events that are engrained into the memory of most performers.  There is the time that you step onto a real stage with real spotlights the first time and realize you can’t see beyond the first row.  There is the time you forgot the words of a familiar tune and don’t know where […]

Dave Sherman Introduces Songwriter Podcasts

January 21, 2009 by  
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As a songwriter, I reach out to other songwriters, you know the well known ones.  Honestly, I want insight into their songwriting skills.  Chuck Brodsky has agreed to be our initial songwriter to be on our podcast. Chuck’s songs have been recorded by David Wilcox, Chuck Pyle,  Kathy Mattea, Jack Williams & Sara Hickman. Join […]

Songwriters Coming

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I’ll soon introduce readers to some of the best songwriters in the secular and Christian genres. The music industry is changing daily.  Delivery of music is changing daily.  Check here regularly to get fresh tips on writing and song promotion.