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Got Milk, AnnaLeigh?

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Some sweet things in life are planned.  Some sweet things just happen.  Some sweet things happen, and you don’t even know they happens until later.  Folks that know me know I’m all about being a father and a grand-father.  OK, I’m a much better grand-father.  Current grandbaby count, FIVE.  In June I had the chance to babysit for five month old AnnaLeigh.   Sleep was not on her agenda, although she really needed to sleep.  It took quite a bit of shoulder time and walking around to get her to sleep.  She finally surrendered.

Nothing eventful so far.  Later that night I went home and looked in the mirror as I prepared for bed.  I noticed the sweetest little pair of “milk lips” on my shoulder.  They showed up quite well on my dark green T-shirt.

The ironic thing about this sweet experience is that I had written a song for AnnaLeigh a couple of months earlier.  The first draft of the chorus,

How could it be that I would deserve

These sweet little KISSES that I get from her?

The problem with the chorus is that it sounds too much like Bob Carlisle’s Butterfly Kisses. So I switched to:

How could it be that I would deserve

These sweet little HUGS that I get from her?

Well, after I got the milk kisses, I’m changing the words back!

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